Backyard GardenShare - Gardeners

Gardeners: How to Get Involved


Gardeners understand the value of fresh, nutritious produce. 

Backyard GardenShare helps you extend your green thumb to the plates of the hungry.  There are many levels of involvement, from planting one extra plant to inviting others to get involved, to volunteering as a collection home and courier.  Your time commitment can fit your schedule and interest. Participating gardeners emphasize how rewarding it is knowing your produce is blessing families, refugees, and immigrants who have little or no access otherwise!

Backyard GardenShare - Community Food Sharing

The Process

Step One

  • Consider planting an additional plant, pot, or row for hunger relief.

  • Harvest your surplus in peak condition with 3-5 days of life remaining.

Backyard GardenShare - Homegrown Garden Surplus
Backyard GardenShare - Community Food Sharing

Step Two

  • Identify your closest volunteer collection home or business and take your produce there. Or, take the produce directly to a nearby distribution site you’ve identified on the path of your daily routine. You can click the map to find home collection sites (green pins) and direct distribution sites (blue pins). 

  • Collection sites are designated by a visible collection sign and cooler. Within 24 hours the collection host, or a volunteer driver, delivers the produce to a direct distribution organization.

(Click map to enlarge)

Backyard GardenShare - Community Food Sharing

Step Three

  • Tell your gardening neighbors, friends, family, and coworkers about the program.

  • Be assured no amount of produce is too small to donate.

  • Consider becoming a collection home or business for the gardeners around you.

Backyard GardenShare - Donation Signs

Other Ways to Get Involved

Backyard GardenShare - Community Food Sharing