Backyard GardenShare - Community Distribution Sites

Community Distribution Sites


Our community partners are able to distribute our fresh, free produce to their food insecure population without tapping already overly stretched budgets. These organizations include: local schools, Boys and Girls Clubs, emergency pantries, soup kitchens, refugee centers, subsidized housing complexes, and many Utah Food Bank partners. Individuals and families are then able to personally select the produce they know they will use.

Several of our partners are able to fold the produce into meals, snacks, and cooking classes, as well as create nutritious recipes families and students can replicate at home.  

Backyard GardenShare - Community Food Sharing

Interested in partnering with Backyard GardenShare?


I am a direct community distribution site:

  • Check site map to determine what BGS activity already exists around you.

  • Identify members of your organization willing to collect garden surplus in their respective neighborhoods and bring the yield directly to work for distribution.

  • Contact Backyard GardenShare here for access to signs and coolers, and best practices.

  • Share your distribution location, and receiving days/times preferences to be included on BGS website.

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Backyard GardenShare - Community Food Sharing

I want to volunteer my home or business as a collection site:

  • We provide signs, support, and help you identify a direct distribution organization near you.

  • Choose the days of the week you are willing to receive produce.

  • Let your neighbors, team members, or clients know they can bring their extra produce to you.

  • Count the bags and take the produce to the nearest distribution organization.

Backyard GardenShare - Donation Signs
Backyard GardenShare - Community Food Sharing
Backyard GardenShare - Become a Courier

I would like to become a courier:

  • Volunteer for a collector near you and help deliver the collected produce to a direct distribution organization within 24 hours. The drive distance is usually less than two miles.