My Kids Love Running to Check Our Cooler Everyday!

Backyard GardenShare has been such a fun program to participate in. As a mother of three young children, I don’t have a lot of extra time to offer regular service but BGS has provided an easy way for me to help my community with my busy schedule. The fresh produce gets dropped off directly to me in a cooler on my front porch, and the next time I’m out running errands I add an extra stop and drop it at the nearest distribution site. It’s so easy! I love knowing I’m helping those in need, and I’m able to do it without the hassle of having to find a babysitter. 

Perhaps the best part of this service opportunity is how easy it is to involve my kids. They love running to check our cooler every day and trying to identify all the different kinds of produce that get donated. They also like to guess how much we’re going to find inside and/or how heavy it’s going be. It’s a great opportunity for me to talk with them about helping others who are in need. Our regular drop-off runs keep this lesson fresh in their minds. 

We love Backyard GardenShare!

Liz Heywood

Radishes picked and dropped off at a Backyard Gardenshare cooler.