What Does Hunger Look like in Utah?

In Utah, 3 in 5 children regularly go to bed hungry.

Many of us aren’t aware how big the hunger problem is here in our state. In Utah, over 390,000 people are struggling with hunger, of that number over 140,000 are children. The State of Utah has an overall food insecurity rate of 11.9% of all households. Utah has a childhood food insecurity rate of 20.4% that accounts for the households with children. Statewide, that's 1 in 6 children. However, many areas report 3 in 5 children regularly go to bed hungry.

11.3% of Utahns live below the poverty line.

Poverty and hunger are growing problems but there is an existing program that addresses these community challenges.  We grow more than enough surplus fresh fruits and vegetables in our own backyards to feed all of our hungry neighbors during the growing season. Backyard GardenShare has the system in place to get that nutrient rich produce to our hungry neighbors within 24 hours.

Please consider donating your surplus. Check out our map below to find a collection home or business near you to drop off your excess produce, extending your green thumb to the plates of hungry Utah families.


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